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    Chennai will host its first-ever Chilean Film Fest this week

    Highlights of the Chilean Film Festival, hosted by The Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation ai??i??

    The Gift (El Regalo)
    CristiA?n Galaz & Andrea Ugaldeai??i??s drama is about a suicidal widower.

    Our Father: The Last Date (Padre Nuestro: La A?ltima Cita)

    Rodrigo SepA?lvedaai??i??s film is about a manai??i??s last wish for a road trip.

    Family vacations (Vacaciones en familia)
    Ricardo Carrascoai??i??s dramedy unravels the false holiday plans of the once-affluent Kelly family.

    Anonymous (AnA?nimo)
    Renato PAi??rezai??i??s film plays out the rehabilitation of an ex-con.

    My Best Enemy (Mi Mejor Enemigo)
    A?lex Bowenai??i??s drama finds two opposing army patrols lost and in adjoining trenches.

    All screenings are free, with English subtitles. February 20-22. At RKV Film & Television Institute.
    Details: 9840151956

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