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Beat the heat this summer with our pick of summer coolers that are nothing but milky delights in a variety of flavours

April is the cruellest month, isn’t it? Since the Mercury is rising to unbearable points, nothing seems to help in this season. And even if you drink glasses of water or lemonade, your thirst might be quenched, but it leaves you feeling drained out. And this is due to uncontrolled fluid loss. Well, you dona��t need to press the panic button. Flavoured milk drinks that are super summer coolants are known to work their magic. Ranging from humble sabza seeds to raspberries your milky drink, we get you our pick. Read on.

Text: Saima Afreen

Sweet sabza
Try a mouthful of sweetened milk with delicious jelly-like sabza seeds (basil seeds). Yes, we are talking about falooda. That delicious drink-food of sweetened milk with rose syrup, a spoonful of vermicelli and a dash of floating sabza seeds. The seeds are not just tasty but provide excellent cooling to your body. Topped with a dollop of ice-cream falooda is quite a delight at outlets of Shah Ghouse both in Old City and Hitec City. Owners Mohammed Rabbani, Mohammed Ghouse Pasha and Mohammed Irfan tell us, a�?Sabza is a good aid for digestion in hot climates and has many more health benefits.a�? Price: Rs 70. Details: 33165812

Berry good
This is quite a fruity affair. Dona��t bite into apples, drink it from your glass of smoothie. At Gallery Cafe, Banjara Hills the smoothie comes packed with goodness of blueberries and apples. This mix of ice-cream, berries and pureed apple is a thick concoction that leaves you fresh with that sweet-tangy aftertaste in your mouth. For health watchers, it’s a boon given the nutrient facts of the berries. Price: Rs 130. Details: 9030616161

Honeydew dream
Ita��s a terrific pairing of muskmelon, honey and milk. And the result? Sweet respite from heat. Dona��t worry about calories, the taste is heavenly and the texture as the name suggests is dewy. We tried this smoothie at Soups n Salads, Jubilee Hills. One sip was enough to leave you asking for more. Says the owner and chef Soujanya, a�?The right amount of sugar and thickness of the milk makes for a perfect smoothie.a�? A must-try we say. Price: Rs 159. Details: 23550038

Green smoothie
This one is for the fitness freaks. A glass of this colorful smoothie is full of goodness of nature. Almost a vegetable basket, the drink has cucumber, spinach and papaya mixed with yoghurt. You can enjoy this healthy coolant at the tiny, cosy cake-shop called Eclaire located at Road No. 12, Banjara Hills. a�?For that zingy flavour we add cinnamon powder to this smoothie along with a spoonful of sugar,a�? says chef Hari Babu. The smoothie is available in both regular and special sizes. Price: Rs 80. Details: 9177821777

Luscious litchi
If you like your milky drinks light and a bit tangy, then litchi smoothie is perfect for you. Neither too thick nor too watery, this summer coolant is mildly sweet and a bit sour. They make it with ripe litchi fruits that are the favoured fruits of summer. Try it at Beyond Coffee, Jubilee Hills. Price: Rs 125. Details: 23545359


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