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    At Dipping Pot, enjoy fondue with a spicy twist and a glass of non-alcoholic wine

    When S Yousuff Mohamed decided that he would open a restaurant, he knew it would take a lot more than biryani or burgers to turn heads. Thata��s when his background and experience in the food and beverage industry came in handy. a�?I noticed that though fondue is available in the city, it isna��t popular. Research revealed that it was too bland for the Indian palate,a�? says the graduate from The Hotel Academy, Chennai. Mohamed, whose family is in the tailoring and garments industry (his father M Sirajudeen started New Look, T Nagar, in 1977), found that a dash of spice in the fondue made it more appealing to spice-loving palates.
    So, even though Dipping Pot on TTK Road has a gamut of offerings like pizza, pasta, sandwiches and plenty of beverages, their calling card is their peri-peri spiked fondue. Made with emmental or gruyere (from Kodailkanal), the fondue comes with a choice of nibbles to dip (think bread, chicken and fish nuggets and boiled vegetables like carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, potato and Brussels sprout). Despite witnessing a happy group walk out raving about the peri-peri laced molten cheese, my gorgonzola-loving palate is unable to find any appeal. Thankfully therea��s the classic version sans all the spicy fuss for taste buds like mine. Thumbs up to the glass of de-alcoholised German wine though.
    With very little space left for more sampling (even the fondue for two is quite filling here) we only manage to try a plate of Buffalo wings. Covered with a thick blanket of BBQ sauce, it convinces us to come back and try more offerings like the fish and chips or tenderloin steak. Their mini chocolate fountains (with fruits and brownies to dip) and eggs to order (with a poached egg as well) also deserve mention. We also look forward to the offerings of home baker Nina Gomez that will be displayed at their pastry counter from the first week of May.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 1,000. Details: 42154488

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