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    A new eco-friendly line by a US-based designer contributes to the education of rescued sex-workers

    Would you be surprised to hear that a celebrity was spotted wearing jewellery designed by an Indian sex worker? Well, American jewellery designer, Rosena Sammi, whose clients include Hollywood biggies like Rihanna and Jessica Alba, has launched a line of jewellery and accessories made by sex workers in West Bengal and Bihar. Called Whoa��s Sari Now?, this line is the result of a partnership between the designer and Apne Aap Women Worldwide, a Delhi-based anti-sex trafficking NGO. And going by the way Priyanka Chopra, Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff lapped up her Sanskrit collection of necklaces last year, we think this line is bound to make waves too. Sammi’s piece has even been spotted on the telly, with Lindsay Price sporting her Dholak Bangle on an episode of the American comedy series, Lipstick Jungle.
    An ex-lawyer herself, Sammi, who was born and raised in New Zealand and now lives in Manhattan, is contributing a percentage from the sale of the bangles, necklaces, rings and headbands made by these women, towards the education of rescued children and women. And like most designers her age today, she is showing an interest in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products. Whoa��s Sari Now? makes use of upcycled saris and is hence, multicoloured, with plenty of quirky prints and gold beads and accents making an appearance across products. Paired with a kaftan, these pieces are sure to give you a complete 70s makeover.
    Priced between Rs 264 and Rs 3,635, the collection is available on rosenasammi.com

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