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    Almost exactly eight years ago, on September 19, 2006, the city that has always prided itself on its eclectic music scene witnessed the Launch of Indigo 91.9, the countrya��s first international music station. And for obvious reasons, it had to be in Bangalore! It was instrumental in changing the music landscape here with a domino effect on the rest of the country, to some level. It was the first of many changes for the music industry and marked the entry of a spate of international artistes.
    Iron Maidena��s Eddfest debuted in Bangalore and the city was instantly tagged Fun and Young.

    Today, as INDULGE turns four, we turn eight. Indigo 91.9 remains the citya��s only international radio station and INDULGE brings you your weekly dose of fun, fashion, parties and entertainment. Bangalore is obviously the epicenter of this revolution. From a single international gig in 2006 to multiple international gigs hosted each week a�� the transformation has been phenomenal. The appetite for international buzz is constantly growing and Indigo 91.9 has tuned in right, bringing the likes of DJs Audien, Tommy Trash, Alvaro, Norman Doray, Justin Prime, Jack Beats among EDM stars and then Van Wilks and Bobby Whitlock of Derek and The Dominos in Blues from our banner or Avicii, Dead Mau5, Hoobastank among others to headline here. With INDULGE backing us up on print!
    Another key factor, besides our savvy Bangalore readers and listeners are our homegrown DJs a�� Rohit Barker, DJ Ivan, Vachan or Nikhil Chinapa.And clubs that curate the whole music and nightlife scene in town a�� working with deadline issues and sponsorship challenges, but hotspots like Humming Tree, Sanctum and our recently launched Indigo Live Music Bar, present the best music that is out there. No wonder amateur DJs and RJs from other metro cities now want to move to Bangalore in droves to spin that unique set and connect with a sophisticated, knowledgeable, well travelled crowd that knows its music and is yet truly, essentially Bangalorean.
    As we welcome international artistes making their way here in the coming months, leta��s celebrate the fact that our city is a haven for musicians, and music enthusiasts and claim our music spot in the sun.

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    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications and events specialist with Radio Indigo








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