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    A multitude of automobile quotes came to mind as this week unfolded in a blur of a�?mean machinesa��. Kick starting the fun was Triumph Motorcycles announcing the opening of their first facility, Harbour City Triumph, in Chennai. While most of us have fond memories of Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood zipping by in our favourite movies, the brand wants to become a a�?reala�� part of the Chennai biking scene. The iconic bikes were revealed at a cocktail evening at the Hyatt Regency, attended mainly by the sports and biking fraternity. Models showed off the a�?biker chica�� look, striking poses alongside the stars of the evening a�� the bikes. A fantastic acrobatic dance act was also part of the entertainment, post which guests couldna��t wait to get their hands on the bikes. People had fun revving engines, comparing notes and taking their share of photographs.

    At the Audi launch

    At the Audi launch

    Also launching two new models this week was Audi, with the RS7 and the A8. Salman Khan became the first Indian to own the RS7, receiving the keys earlier this week, and in South India it was stunt director Peter Hein. While Khan famously announced that this car was for a�?the common man who wants to be uncommona��, Hein preferred to say less. Someone joked that a�?he is after all a man of action not wordsa�?. Unv-eiling the car was actress Tapsee who, of course, said she looks forward to owning one of these babies someday, as she handed over the keys. Also making an appearance was biker Alisha Abdullah, who playfully admitted that the Audi TT still remains her favourite.

    In the evening it was Toy-otaa��s turn, as they invited friends of the brand to a special evening for the launch of the new Corolla Alt-is. The ITC Grand Chola wore a different look, dressed in red and black, showcasing the story of the Corolla over the years. A tunnel with the evolution of the car led to the main area, where the 11th generation model was unveiled. We were treated to a power-packed performance by Andrea Jeremiah, who really kept the crowd going. She sang in English, Hindi, Tamil and even Telugu, indulging the audience with multiple requests. By the end of the evening people were up on their feet dancing, asking for more.

    – Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)


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