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Ia��m GETTING quite tired of hearing how Bangalore is a melting pot of different people. I agree that maybe different stokes for different folks can be a mildly exciting prospect, but Ia��m getting a wee bit irritated with the influx of brash (read: ill-mannered), and aspirational folk who have pushed, shoved and clawed their way into the social circuit leaving the genteel a�?old Bangaloreansa�� quite horrified. And to add to the horror, the newbies seem to feel it is perfectly kosher to be able to foist their crassness on unsuspecting and refined folk. Their temerity simply flummoxes me dahlings!
The lovely and genteel Priya Mascarenhas thankfully separated the riff from the raff by throwing one of her very exclusive and much anticipated luncheons at the ITC Gardenia. Sophisticated and elegant guests who have known each other from generations mingled, exchanged notes and enjoyed a superlative repast. Right from the choice of cuisine to the arrangements of the glorious flowers was personally overseen by the grand dame and each guest felt special and honoured by Priyaa��s easy charm and grace. Sigh, I wish some of
her grace could rub off on the
boorish ones.
Christmas is nearly upon us and the fruit soaking ceremonies are on in full swing. The Oberoi had its annual bash mid-week, and I just followed my nose, inhaling all those beautiful heady aromas that led me straight to the Hyacinth Room filled with excited ladies merrily mixing the fruits, spices and liquor. The GM, the charming Huvida Marshall and PR Pinky Padmaraj made sure we had one merry old time. From there, it was straight to the Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, where I was just in time to catch my favourite chef, Selvaraju, making his famous ginger bread house for an awed and rapt group of guests. Well, Ia��m sure Santa will be one happy man.
College days were a happy time in my life, and a core group of friends made a promise to each other that we would always keep in touch and try to make sure that our children too experienced the joys of growing up and getting to know one another like their moms had done before them. My friend Usha Kasetty and I, fulfilled our promise over dinner, where our husbands and children bonded while we looked on, feeling sentimental and wonderfully happy.
Love is indeed, a splendid thing!
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