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Tsuyoshi Suzuki talks about his evolving music preferencesA�

Spinmeister Tsuyoshi Suzuki is one of the most popular Psytrance musicians to come out of Japan. Not only is he the co-founder of UK-based music label Matsuri, but he has also helped introduce fans to the Goa psy-trance movement. We catch up with him before his gig this Sunday.

Discovering trance in Goa.
I remember coming to Goa for the first time in 1989. I was a student back then and there were no signs of trance music, but when I revisited the place in 1991, I was surprised by how the music scene had evolved. I had a great time and thought that this music has a great future.

On changing styles.
I have experimented with different styles and sounds soon after opening Matsuri in London. I like mixing Japanese folk elements in my tunes too, but of late, I feel that I need to come back to my roots.

Trance in the UK and Japan.
According to me, UK is the center of trance music and I have learned so much about music. Ita��s getting really commercial in Japan. All the major companies have started doing it now.

Beyond the console.
I studied film when I was in school, so I want to do something related to this field. Maybe I will be a successful film director one day.

In three words.
Psychedelic, cutting edge, groovy.

New wave music from the 80s.

On the manga genre.
I am a huge manga fan. Comics like Cobra and Bleach are some of my all time favourites.

Rs 500. 5 pm onwards. At Pebble, Sadashivnagar. Details: 09742302063

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