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    Mother Cluckersa�� new menu puts a fun spin A�on old A�favourites

    Pub grub is about providing that much needed sustenance, spice and flavour to supplement your tipple all through an indulgent outing. At one time, such food only addressed the strong case of the munchies while having a drink. Todaya��s discerning pub goer wants a good deal of thought going into his food and of course, constant innovation. Cana��t really make a place a hangout, if you know the menu by rote and have been through it many times.
    Mother Cluckers in Indiranagar, though an American pub at heart has a new menu that pays tribute to some classics in a smart way. Start off perhaps with the Chicken and Cheese cutlets that have a crisp, thin breaded coating that is stuffed with minced chicken and molten cheese. Placed on a bed of julienned salad, this one gives you fried goodness with none of the associated grease. A good one to begin with.
    The Pulled Pork Tikka marinated in yogurt and served on pav makes for a lovely choice. It gives you the heat and zing that is always welcome with a drink. What it doesna��t do is fill you up unnecessarily, leaving you space for more. A similar option in paneer is also available. The Mushroom Quesadillas with salsa and sour cream on the side make for a nice, small meal, but do remember to eat them as soon as they hit the table, else they may turn a bit soggy.
    The pub pays tribute to Indo-Chinese flavours as well and you can feast on a platter of Sliced Roast Pork, with peppers and onions with a nice hit of spice that is elevated with a sip of beer.
    Also in this category comes the Egg Spring Roll, crispy exteriors playing house to a nice egg burji complete with onions, tomatoes and green chillies, with a generous smear of mint chutney on the side.
    For those who prefer a full tummy when at a pub, the Pandi Breakfast is a winner. Buttered pav served in mini metal fryers with a deep bowl full of pandi curry, peppery and with kachumpuli that gives it colour and does not overwhelm the taste buds. A variation is the Lamb Kheema Pav that is not overtly spicy, yet packed with familiar flavours. Both these dishes come with a nice bullseye egg on top that gives it more body.
    Greek love
    Moving away from the familiar Indian and Chinese flavours is the Grilled Greek Chicken Souvlaki with Pita. A thick pita pocket stuffed with tzatziki marinated chicken with tahini, herbs and pickles. Quite a mouthful of flavours and textures and a great to-end-with dish.
    Also to be had is the Herb Crusted Fish a�� the popular basa grilled and topped off with a comforting caper butter sauce and covered with fresh herbs. Hits the spot just right.
    What stands out with the Mother Cluckers menu is the respect to meat and its treatment in every dish. Each dish holds its own, making them perfect to chow down on even without a drink in hand. Despite the fried nature of most dishes, the right level of greasiness also works well for your tummy.

    Rs 1,500++ for two. At , 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 8197047587

    a�� Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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