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    Ashela��s Baking Heaven offers experimental flavours and exciting combinations

    Baking obsessively since she was 10 a�� first with pressure cookers and then conventional OTGs, Ashel Sandeep turned her passion into a business five months ago, six months after she moved to Bengaluru. a�?My mom was a gifted baker and Ia��ve taken after her.a�? she shares. A former national-level tennis player in the under-15 category, an injury took her off the circuit for two years. a�?Getting back on track would have been hard though I had relocated to Chennai to focus on my game,a�? explains the 27-year-old who has played Sania Mirza. She then channeled all her energy into baking.
    In the oven
    Sandeepa��s first clients were her family and friends, then word spread and orders started pouring in. a�?So I dived into it with wild abandon,a�? laughs the software engineer. Her signature creations include red velvet, devila��s food, vanilla bean latte, midnight pumpkin, carrot and fruit-based strawberry and pineapple cakes. Each one has a surprising twist, perfected after stringent experimentation. The classic red velvet gets a splash of coffee, while the devila��s food cake a�� the evil twin of angela��s food cake a�� uses Callebaut chocolate, which she sources from the US. The midnight pumpkin combines pumpkin and dark chocolate with a meringue frosting. Customers are encouraged to mix and match flavoursa��whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, cream cheese, ganache and fondant. The health obsessed can also opt for the organic versions.
    Orders to be placed a week in advance. `700 upwards. At Whitefield. Details: 9008164962
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