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Find the best photo ops on Pondya��s streets from the seat of a vintage bicycle

FROM an old rickshaw resting against a grey wall, a bright red door of a heritage home to a colonial villa with wooden balconies a�� Pondicherrya��s boulevards have always been a trove of picturesque snapshots. But can you cover the citya��s iconic spots and find lesser-known but postcard-worthy pictures on a short weekend break?
Pondy Cycle Tour that offers an early morning tour to discover the city before it wakes up, has a new tour this season. The Afternoon Photo Tour is tailored for shutterbugs who want to better their lense work while exploring the heritage streets of Pondy. Adding to the charm, are vintage bicycles customised with leather seats and bells painted with Indian motifs. a�?The four-hour tour is meant for beginners in photography and will combine technical expertise with a sense of history of the city,a�? says Fiona Guerra, of Pondy Cycle Tour.
The tour will give amateurs an intimate feel of Pondicherrya��s streets, feels the tour guide Gopinath Ram, also a professional photographer. a�?Pondicherry is a good place for beginners in photographya�� wherever you turn there is something to shoot.a�? While a DSLR or Bridge camera is ideal, even a point and shoot will do, as emphasis will be on framing shots, with plenty of tips and technical inputs thrown in.
While exploring the Tamil and French quarters, participants also get to visit less touristy areas like Rue Mullah and Rue Cazy in the quieter yet vibrant Muslim quarter. A fancy tea break with French pastries at La Maison Rose will also double as a feedback session and an exercise workshop, a mansion visit and a fun surprise are part of the tour, priced at `2,000 per person.
On Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for two to eight participants, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

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