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    Editing tools can breathe life into your photos, and memories. Herea��s what to download

    Travel and photography go hand-in-hand. And in this day and age of photo editing tools, you can take as much pride in your phone camera snaps as the DSLR-equipped traveller. Beat the tricks of light and shadow with Mumbai-based Natasha Hemrajani, formerly the photo editor at Grazia magazine, who shares her favourite photo editing tools for smartphones and laptops.

    Snapseed: This app has every possible photo processing feature built into ita��from exposure, colour, cropping and straightening adjustments, to creative filters. But Hemrajani likes the option of selective masking the most. a�?It means, instead of applying an effect on the entire photo, you can select a portion and lighten, darken or add shadow to that area locally,a�? she explains. With Snapseed 2, you can also keep a record of the number of edits you have made, and undo them.
    Available for Android, and iOS. Details:support.google.com/snapseed
    Hipstamatic: If you like old school photography, look up Hipstamatic on your iPhone. It applies various analogue and lens combinations to your image, and the result is similar to what a vintage or a traditional film camera woulda��ve produced. The classic mode lets you use multiple exposure settings to shoot multiple images at a time. The ProMode, on the other hand, lets you manually control the focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and aspect ratio. The Darkroom Suite offers 20 adjustment tools and a dozen signature presets.Available for iOS. Details: hipstamatic.com
    Photoshop: For those in no hurry to Facebook or Instagram their snaps on the go, therea��s nothing like sitting with good ola�� Photoshop. But you can do one better. Hemrajani tells us, a�?Photoshop has a licensed version. You can pay `500 a month and get the latest updates. Ita��s very reasonable.a�? Look up features like the sharpening filter, camera shake reduction, shape and vector selection, and editable rounded angles in The Adobe Photoshop CC 2016. Details: adobe.com/photoshop
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