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    Call on Food Avatar
    for popular Indian
    snacks and sweets

    IN 2012 when Nitesh and Shreyans
    Lodha launched RCL Enterprises
    in Chennai, they had one thing in
    mind — to make authentic snacks
    and sweets available across the
    country. So with the aim of getting
    their 300-odd products to people
    beyond just Chennai, the brothers
    launched a website called Food17Food9Anchor2
    Avatar in April. Stocking all the
    products from the parent company,
    the website has an impressive layout
    and helps you find what you
    want with ease. From nuts, dried
    fruits, and baked items like cookies
    and puffs, it also delivers other
    goodies like chikkis and chocolates
    in over 20 flavours. They also offer
    10 kinds of spices, including white
    pepper and mace.
    Their’s truly
    Staying true to its name, Food
    Avatar offers even basic snacks in
    different avatars like pudhina sev
    and paan flavoured raisins.
    “Eighty per cent of our products
    are manufactured by RCL while
    the remaining are sourced from
    places like Maharashtra, Gujarat
    and Rajasthan,” says Nitesh, adding
    that each product is handpicked,
    tasted and reviewed by
    them. “All our products are pure
    vegetarian and free from artificial
    flavours, egg and yeast,” he continues,
    adding that the shelf life varies
    from a month to a year. After
    their first order in May, they now
    get about 50 orders a day with dry
    fruit biscuits, badam bites, kesar
    kaju sticks, dry apricots, guava
    candies, and khakras selling like
    hot cakes.
    Not the norm
    Do order their unusual stone chocolates,
    which are elaborately
    coloured and glossed to resemble
    real stones. Or opt for the
    mango katli from Nagpur,
    jamun chips from Andhra
    Pradesh, malai chikki
    and strawberry raisins
    from Maharashtra. We
    also like the fusion
    tomato soya sticks and
    oregano cheese papdi.
    Minimum order `2,000.
    Details: foodavatar.com
    — Karan Pillai


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