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A run through of the song rules air waves

Maroon 5 climbs to the top spot with this tune that is sure to be the anthem at every party. Maps begins with a light guitar riff and Adam Levinea��s signature falsetto with lyrics that are all about a lost love. It then builds to a powerful crescendo with plenty of emotion.

It may have started slow on the charts but there is no stopping Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul just one spot away from reigning from the top now. While enough has been said about the tune itself, we recommend watching the video too. Filmed in the Dominican Republic, it features a flock of talented flamenco dancers in a street dance-off with contemporary dancers.

Be it the original, parodies or parodies of the parodies, this song is truly taking over the sound waves. Currently at number three, it is the first all out reggae song to top the charts since UB40 with Cana��t Help Falling In Love and Red Red Wine. Magic! has certainly arrived!

A Sky Full of Stars
Coldplay may have co-written the song with Avicii but it doesna��t hit all the right notes. A mix of chilled out ballads, pumping EDM and soulful piano solos, ita��s a bit of a hotch-potch which manages to stay afloat on account of being a ear worm at the fourth spot.

Pills N Potions
Befitting the title, the video is all about psychedelic lights and flashy images of pills and drinks. Sincere lyrics talk about lamentation over wrong doings and relationships. With drums and piano dominating, this song is a refreshing change from Nicki Minaj.
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