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    A weekend event that will get your adrenaline pumping

    Escape the bustle of the city and head to Skandagiri, on the outskirts for a cool night trek. Organised over Saturday and Sunday by the Night Trekkers Club, Skandagiri is an old mountain fortress located 70 km from the city and ita��s renowned for its trekking course. Apart from trekking, you can immerse yourself in fun activities like team building exercises and sessions on survival skills.
    Also bond with new friends over a warm bonfire and explore the mutt and fortress atop the hill. The idea of the trip is to a�?instill the spirit of exploration in the people of the citya��, enthuses co-founder Pradyot Punj. a�?A way to break free from the mundane that surrounds us,a�? he adds.

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    After rounding up all the trekkers from the city, the designated bus will stopover at Kalavar village at 12.15 am for some refreshments and a briefing session by experts of the Night Trekkers Club. While the trek is moderately challenging, all trekkers will be given helmets, torches and protective gloves. Expected to last a total of four hours, Punj recommends that trekkers keep their energy levels up with power bars and keep themselves well-hydrated with energy drinks. Expert instructors will be on hand, to aid you in case of any emergencies.

    Trekkers are expected to reach the summit at approximately 4.30 am. Then watch the sun rise before starting the descent towards Kalavar village at 7.15 am. At Kalavar village, stop for a hearty breakfast of thatte idlis and masala dosas before heading back on theA� bus to Bangalore atA� about 11.30 am.

    Bus pick-up from home on Saturday, June7 at 10.30pm. Rs. 799 (all inclusive). Details: 8867818995

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