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    Knowlarity replaces call-centres with apps

    A powerful cloud platform with the potential to process one million calls an hour, Knowlarity is Indiaa��s first cloud telephony service. Co-founder Ambarish Gupta, alongside Bipul Parua, says that it was created when they realised enterprises no longer have to work with physical call extensions. With changes to the format, and new a�?solutionsa�� added to the concept, Gupta tells us that ita��s a constantly evolving system. In fact, just recently, Knowlarity teamed up with city-based band, Galeej Gurus to connect with their fan base. a�?They use Missed Call to get registrations and then be in touch with their fans. Their requirement was to get straight to the inbox of their fans, instead of just being overlooked in the spam folder,a�? boasts Gupta, quipping that the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi uses the system too.
    Using the flexibility of the automated system, Montaut Henderson, owner of Intalia, a chain of pizzerias too jumped on the bandwagon. “It is hard to sustain a business without keeping in touch with the customers,” shares Henderson, adding, “I wanted a smart business phone that could help create brand recognition, keep track of all official communications and make it easy for customers to reach me. So, I picked the SuperReceptionist,” he explains. An added bonus is that it also records calls, analyses flow, creates memos and reminders, which on most days, a human receptionist will not do!
    As of last month, their SuperReceptionist feature made its way to an app, heralding more changes in the future. Some of the other methods they’ve added to the existing list is Click to Call (which strategically leaves space on a website for the visitor to leave a call-back number which you can instantly respond to) and K-Broadcast (which reaches out to the masses with automated voice and text messages on a mobile phone).
    Details: knowlarity.com
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