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    Dona��t miss UK-based Benjamin Damagea��s sonic sci-fi techno next weekend

    Mark the date on your calendar, as UK-based DJ Benjamin Damage is in town on May 23. HeA� will offer sonic sci-fi techno that melds the nostalgia of old school dance classics and the futuristic beats and bass of today. Organised by Red Bull Music Academy, the event will take place at Dublin, Park Sheraton. Expect Damage to present a techno set with a few new tracks and some surprises. a�?It will all depend on the mood of the club,a�? says the DJ, who has performed at some of the biggest festivals around the world including Movement in Detroit and Sonar and Melt! Hea��s also shared the stage with Giorgio Moroder in New York and performed at Berlina��s legendary techno club, Berghain.

    As for his favourite genre, yes, he likes techno. a�? I like the colourful sounds you get from Jungle and old UK rave. And Ia��m also quite into melodies. Drums on their own arena��t enough,a�? says the musician, who is working on a new album as a follow up to Heliosphere, his debut solo album. a�?Ia��ve got a lot of new ideas and new sounds. Ia��m finding a way to fit it all together,a�? he says. His musical influences? a�?I really love the Warp Records, particularly LFO, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Boards of Canada. I like music from the time before computers took over the majority of electronic music, when it was influenced by different machines. It was a very creative time with lots of new sounds and ideas,a�? he concludes.

    At Dublin, Sheraton Park, on May 23. Details: 24994101
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