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    New chefs on boardStix 2 (1)
    Stix, the Sichuan Chinese restaurant at Hyatt Regency, will be celebrating Chinese New Year with their new Chinese chefs Sun Winlee and Wei. Sample wok-tossed banana chili, dumplings filled with steamed Chinese cabbage and black fungus and glass noodles. Rs 2,500 onwards for a meal for two. Details: 61001234

    The Nawaba��s table
    Raddisson Blu GRT hotel near the international airport, is hosting the Rampuri Food Festival at the The Great Kabab Factory. Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman, a descendant of the khansamas who cooked for the Rampuri nawabs, will present culinary delights like Tar korma (lamb broth finished with yellow chili and mace) and Gosht ke pasande (lamb piccata marinated with sandalwood dust). Fixed menu at Rs 1,500 onwards. Details: 22310101

    Phuket delightsBenjarong
    Benjarong is hosting the Amazing Phuket festival till February 14. Featuring delicacies from the Thai island province, chef Ram Kumar promises Hor Mok Poo (steamed crab meat mousse), Thai rice sticks cooked in tamarind sauce and steamed banana cupcake. Rs 400 onwards. Details: 24322640


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