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A new restaurant on Aurobindo Street serves up classic Malabar dishes and some jackfruit treatsA�as we enter Malabar Cuisine, we are greeted by a life-size picture of a Kathakali dancer. As we take in the interiors of the month-old restaurant on Aurobindo Street we are distracted by the aroma of coconut oil and spices that waft in from the kitchen. P Manoj Kumar, the owner, quickly shows us to our table, even as he explains that everything on the menu is authentic Malabar fare. We run our eyes down the staples like beef curry, Thalassery biryani, kappa (tapioca) biryani and Kerala parotta, before choosing the appam, puttu and fish frya��an odd mix ordered on a whim! The appams are soft with crisp edges and the puttu (with its coconut shavings) and chickpeas curry, goes perfectly with the crisp and spiced pomfret.

But what sets the 48-seater apart is that they are also trying to serve the lesser-known Malabar specials. Like the elai adai that is stuffed with jackfruit and jaggery, and traditional iftar specials like the pazham nirachathu and unnakai (bananas with a sweet stuffing). Kumar, who has 15 years of experience in catering, explains that a lot of care has been put into the sourcing of their ingredients. a�?The healthier version of the tamarind, kodumpuli, which we use in our kozhambu (curry) comes all the way from Wayanad. The coconut oil is sourced from farms in Thalassery, as is the pepper,a�? he says, adding that some of the spices like the sun-dried chillies are freshly ground every day. Up next, he is planning to introduce elaneer juice, a blend of tender coconut water and its flesh.

Home delivery is available for orders above Rs.500. Rs.350 for a meal for two. Details: 7200671990

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