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Memories of China pulls out all the stops for fans of seafood

Playing up the cuisines of the Canton and Sichuan regions of China, chef William Tong presents a coastal Chinese feast at Memories of China until the end of the month. a�?This is the best season for seafood as the catch is fresh and more flavoursome at this time of year,a�? shares
the chef.
Starting off with the delicate crumb-fried pomfret in a vibrant black bean sauce, we loved the mix of textures and the tangy notes from the sauce, which went well with the accompanying burnt garlic fried rice.
Moving on, we next sampled the stir-fried cuttle fish with snow peas and asparagus. Very lightly seasoned, flavours from the freshly procured protein (flown in from Kochi, wea��re told) did all the talking with the al dente vegetables adding some crunch.
The steamed garlic prawn cooked in a Cantonese style was the highlight of the meal. The meaty prawns are cooked in their shells, which the chef explains helps retain the flavours and the juices from the prawn are not lost during the cooking process. The subtle hint of garlic with the crispy shell had us feeling moreish, but we shifted focus to the spicy burnt garlic deep fried prawn. This was also quite a hit with the crisp coating blending well with the perfectly cooked meat. The steamed whole grouper fish with the chefa��s special tong sauce cannot be missed and comes highly recommended from Tong himself. a�?This is something you will not find anywhere else as ita��s my own recipe, with a lot of secret components,a�? he quips. The garlic lends itself well to the natural flavour of the fish and you get a hint of heat from the thinly diced red chillies. We also sampled the braised lobster in chilli garlic sauce, which once again made the protein the hero of the dish, with the subtle sauces adding depth but not overpowering the meatiness of the crustacean.
`4,000++ for two.
At Vivanta by Taj, MG Road.
Details: 66604444

a��Rashmi Rajagopal