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    Paint options that do more than just colour your walls

    WHILE we still have some catching up to do with the paint technology overseas, here are some new-age paints that include self-cleaning options.

    Kansai Nerolac
    USP: Brightness boosters, stain resistance. Known for their high-definition colour pigmentation, the Nerolac Eco Clean is odourless and free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), a chemical which causes respiratory issues when inhaled continuously. Rs. 270 onwards. Details: 9845676298

    Nippon Paint
    USP: Heat reduction, colour retention. Known for an eco-friendly line, Nippon’s Weatherbond Advance for exterior emulsion has specific particles for heat reduction, thereby reducing the overall temperature. Rs. 458 upwards. Details: 9341414147

    Jenson and Nicholson
    USP: Algae resistance. While the Anti-Dust exterior emulsion paint is also algae resistant, their interior emulsion, Special Effects Natura, with low VOC, has no odour, arsenic, lead, mercury or chromium. Most importantly, it is free of Alkylphenol Ethoxylate (APEO), a chemical which harms the hormone system. Rs. 260 upwards. Details: 9060326743

    Dulux Paints
    USP: Stain repelling beading technology. Superclean paints has a special technology, that converts foreign substances into tiny beads, which then roll off, thus keeping the wall free of blemishes. Rs. 350 upwards. Details: 9894944477

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