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    Two women in Auroville find a solution to our health problems, and that of our pets.

    AUROVILLIANS Guidelma Grandi (60) and Margarita Correa (56) are known for their natural, organic products, like beauty bath bars and bath muffins, and household products like organic dishwasher soap and kitchen cleaning liquid. The duo is now offering probiotic supplements for both humans and pets, through their five-year-old company, MG Ecoduties. Correa, who was a chemical engineer in Colombia, South America, before she came to Auroville, explains the technology. a�?Our mission was to create bioremediation protocols to remove pollutants like heavy metals and chemicals from water using composting technology.a�?
    Their new collection, Probiotica, includes a concentrate drinka��made through the process of natural fermentation, with a blend of natural probiotics (herbs like fenugreek andA� fennel seeds, ginger, lemongrass, and juices like aloe vera and pomegranate). Meanwhile, the probiotic supplements for pets are made of rice bran and dry fish. a�?The drinks do not need refrigeration,a�? explains Grandi, adding that their supplements not only give energy but are also beneficial for the digestive and immune system of both humans and animals.
    For the beauty bars and bath muffins, they use certified essential oils, along with coconut oil and herbs from their garden. Besides using natural glycerin, they also use natural extracts to add fragrancesa��like rose, lavender andA� lemon grass for the muffins and chocolate, cucumber and avocado for the bars. They plan to add a new shampoo line and shaving soap for men soon.

    Probiotic drinks at Rs 750 (330 ml). Details: auroville.com

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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