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    She may be Kamal Haasana��s co-star and a busy singer, but there is a lot you dona��t know about actress Andrea Jeremiah

    The movie Thupakki wouldna��t have been the same without the peppy Girlfriend, making us glad Andrea Jeremiah never went ahead with her initial plan of becoming a psychiatrist. The 29-year-old has come a long way from starring in Girish Karnada��s Nagamandala to becoming a playback singera�� starting with Kannum Kannum Nokia, Karka Karka, Um Mella Asanthana��and now sharing screen space with the legendary Kamal Haasan. a�?a�?I have the soul of a gypsy, always wanting to be on the move. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an air-hostess, and even now, I envy travel show hosts,a��a�� says the sexy diva, whose Malai Neram (2010) continues to be on demand on radio. Her entry into theA� Malayalam film industry was made memorable with Annayum Rasoolum, where she played Anna, an strong working girl. Now, the singer is upbeat about her acting roles in five filmsa��Uttama Villain, Vishwaroopam II, Puthiya Thiruppangal, Taramani and a cameo in Idhu Namma Aalu. On the Malayalam front, there is Loham with Mohanlal. More from her:

    Your third with Kamal Haasan. What have you learnt?
    At a time when mediocre people are celebrated, he is someone who is the gold standard for what talent, passion and single-minded dedication can accomplish. As for a little secret about him, I do know that he likes his coffee black and super strong. In fact, ita��s the one thing he likes to offer every new actor on set. But nobody can drink it except for him, ita��s so potent. One day, however, while doing a look test for Uttama Villain, I was desperately looking for a good cup of coffee. So he went into his office kitchen and voilaa��one of the best coffees Ia��ve had, just the way I like it, semi-strong with a tiny bit of milk and sugar.

    What about Valiyavan?
    Stylist Sarala and director Saravanan have worked very hard on both Jaia��s and my look in the film. Ita��s a slick, well-made commercial entertainer.
    Who do you play in Idhu Namma Aalu?
    I had decided to stop doing anymore guest roles. I initially said no to it, but the director of photography, Balu, personally requested me to do it. It is an adorable story. Ia��ve never been cast as the cute girl-next-door before and thata��s precisely why I accepted this film.

    How do you manage films and write music?
    Last week, I shot for the last song in Valiyavan. Then I shot a couple of nights on the road for my film Taramani, directed by Ram. I had a photo shoot for a magazine the night before I left Chennai. I also quickly recorded a new song that I wrote for Krem BrA�lA�e. This week, Ia��m in Kochi, working on a Malayalam film. If ita��s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

    Tell us about Krem BrA�lA�e.
    Prithvi Chandrasekhar and I waited for more than a year to release Flavours and this is our second song, which isA� different from our first (Never Let You Go). We have another song releasing soon and we are working on a new ballad. Ita��s so refreshing for me to sing my own songs and put forth my musical ideas.

    Are you a musician first?
    Both chronologically and preferentially, I am first and foremost a musician. It keeps me grounded and slightly detached in the film world, which is very important to keep onea��s sanity.

    Director wish list?
    When I entered this industry, I told myself that if only I worked with AR Rahman and Mani Ratnam, I could retire happily. Sadly, that hasna��t happened yet.
    Valiyavan is scheduled to release today.

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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