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    Two-month-old Pepplr celebrates quirk with hand painted home dA�cor

    NSTEAD of depending on just Facebook to promote products and skills, young entrepreneurs are finding success with platforms like Jaypore.com and the two-month-old Pepplr.com. While the former showcases a handmade collective of home decor, apparel and jewellery, Pepplr promotes quirky and unusual products sourced from individuals and small businesses. Founded by management and software professionals Vinod Kumar, Paul Pereira and Sunand Kombilath, the website has already built a unique marketplace. a�?Starting a venture had been on our minds for a few years.

    We began working on this idea last July. Meetings with many home and small businesses at exhibitions and social gatherings made us realise that there is huge potential in bringing these businesses online and giving them the exposure that they really deserve. We also came across multiple individuals, looking for that extra income using their talent or hobby,a�?says Kumar.

    A mixed bag
    On the site, you can choose from 32 different brands, and a variety of home productsA�A�a��like hand-painted bottles, kettles (by Pyjama Party), T-shirts, jewellery, coffee cream soaps, drinking games and hand-painted shoes. a�?We have a lot of unique and quirky products. Our lamps, T-shirts and handbags sell the most,a�? adds Kumar, admitting that they ultimately want to make these products available to local shops.A� a�?This will help a small business sell their products in various parts of India, thus creating a brand,a�? he says.

    Most of the products are sourced from cities like Indore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Kumar and his partners have also roped in artists like Jaya Srinivasan, Vandana Subramaniam, Sudha Nagendran and Gopinath Krishnan, who sell their paintings and artwork on the site.
    Products are priced from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000. Paintings are priced from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000.

    Details: pepplr.com

    – Mrinalini Sundar


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