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    Juice right with our pick of cold-pressed juicers that promise to retain all the goodness

    There is a cold wave going around the world, and it has nothing to do with the weather. Cold pressed juices have been gaining fans worldwide (making it a $100 million market and counting), with converts claiming how the no-heat extraction process preserves more nutrients and enzymes than juices made with the conventional blender. Now access to these healthy juicesa��once restricted to juice bars and pricey subscription packages with specialised outletsa��is getting easier, with a whole range of cold-pressed juicers for the home hitting the market. Herea��s our pick of some of the best models out there.

    Think big
    This one may be a mammoth, but the Tribest Greenstar Elite claims to mimic the masticating process of our teeth, with its jumbo twin gear set. By adding slicing and cutting to the crushing process, it not only maximises extraction, but also delivers fresher-tasting juice. Who can say no to that? `80,894. Details: tribestlife.com

    Black is in
    In the more affordable range, the Kent KC-SJ502 Cold Pressed Juicer comes with a slightly more powerful motor, a 250-watt with 65+ rpm. Standing tall at 45 cm, it doesna��t take up too much space on the kitchen counter and promises low speed squeezing and a reverse motor action to clear any blockages. `15,491. Details: kent.co.in

    Vitamin fix
    Get your vitamin A and C fix with the Hurom HH Elite. These heat-sensitive nutrients will be retained in the juices you make with this cold-pressed juicer that comes with the second-generation patented slow squeezing technology (SST)a��which promises to extract 35 per cent more juice from your produce. In silver and maroon variants, grab one for `29,900. Details: hurom.com

    Pulp right
    The brand thata��s ubiquitous in most kitchens worldwide, KitchenAid has now come out with its Maximum Extraction Juicer. It promises less prep and more juice with its patented two-stage blade and auger system. But what we like most is its three pulp screens (for low and high pulp, and sauces). This means we dona��t have to sacrifice the fibre when we blend our leafy vegetables and fruits. `34,990. Details: kitchenaid.com

    The multi-tasker
    The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is not just a cold-pressed juicer, but a handy tool for everything healthy. From extruding pasta to making nut butters, grinding coffee and whipping up soy milk, this one can come in handy on a busy day. Besides a powerful motor (gear reduction equivalent of 1/3 HP motor) with a slow 80 rpm, it also provides automatic pulp-ejection for continuous juicing. `20,200. Details: omegajuicers.com

    Keep it cool
    Enjoy an early morning green juice fix with the Panasonic MJ-L500 Silver Cold Press Slow Juicer. The 150-watt induction motor promises virtually zero noise and versatility in juicinga��not only can it work with fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, but it also has a frozen setting that can help you crush frozen produce for a refreshing treat. `18,330. Details: panasonic.com

    Bright connect
    In bright orange-and-white and a maroon-and-black variant, the Prestige Slow Juicer PSJ 2.0 will not only brighten up your kitchen counter, but also produce nutrient-rich juices in a multitude of colours. We suggest you make full use of the 200-watt motor, and mix greens (think spinach, celery and kale) with fruits and vegetables to get a power-packed start to your day. `16,995 at Prestige Smart Kitchen, Nandidurga Road. Details: 41616484

    Leta��s talk green
    Helping you on your a�?greena�� journey is the Usha Nutripress CPJ362F Slow Juicer. It comes with a 240 watt motor (with 65 rpm rotation speed) that will press ingredients at low temperatures, to extract the maximum juice while still retaining taste and nutrition. It can also extract milk from nuts. With a five-year warranty and three filters for different applications, it is touted to be quiet in the kitchen, too. `27,990. At Croma, Koramangala. Details: 65395817

    Text: Surya Praphulla Kumar


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