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Plaza Premium Loungeai??i??s healthy winter spread Shipping feldene

Creating a special menu of nutritious food for the winter are the Chefs at Plaza Premium Lounge at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Comprising pasta, lasagna, falafel and ratatouille, the menu also features traditional Indian options like Methi Murgh Masala and Gajar Mutter Gobhi Masala. Expect an abundance of seasonal vegetables replete with antioxidants, fibre and nutrients, in their Winter Special menu.
Those on a look out to satiate their love for desserts can try gajar ka halwa, gulkand phirni and carrot olive mint salad.

Talking of the specialities available this month, executive chef Ankit Mangla says, ai???In this season, the body craves high energy and
protein rich foods which provide warmth along with nutrition. We use fresh vegetables like carrots, radish, yams, garlic, spinach, mustard leaves, goose berries, oranges and guava. A lot of protein-rich foods such as paneer, ghee, butter, cheese and khoya are also used. Whole grains like millet and corn and whole spices with anti-microbial properties are also part of the diet plan.ai??? This specialised menu is also available in Bengaluru and Delhi airports till February.Lounge access starts at Rs 1200++ Details: 8800982161

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