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    Tom Hanks has his typewriters and Quentin Tarantino, TV show-themed board games.
    We look at other celebrity collections, from
    art and oddities to insects and guitars

    Minting machine
    Apart from his love for comic books
    and comic cards, Kellan Lutz is heavily into coins. The actor, recently seen in The Legend of Hercules and The Expendables 3, says that he also collects dice and magnets but coins get him the most excited. a�?Ia��ve always been a coin collector, ever since my grandfather passed some down to me,a�? he said. Rumour has it that Nichole Kidman collects Judea coins too, but she hasna��t gone on record to clarify it.

    On track
    Crooner Rob Stewart has turned into
    a serious model train collector in the last 20 years. The third floor of his Beverly Hills home is devoted to a model of Manhattan and Chicago in the late 1940s. The 23 by 124-foot model features skyscrapers, going up to over five feet, city streets, complete with pedestrians and cars. Called Grand Street and Three Rivers Railroad, it has all been set up by Stew- art himself. He even painstakingly packs them to take on tour. He also has a model of the British Raila��s East Coast Line in Essex.

    Playing with plastic
    Johnny Depp is best known for playing
    the most eccentric roles in Hollywood. The swashbuckling star not only has a large range of fake moustaches and guns, but a whole host of bugs as well. What is more shocking is that the actor collects dolls, too. According to a report in 2013, he had acquired a Lindsay Lohan doll with an electronic ankle bracelet, a stash of Barbie and Ken dolls, and other celebrity editions that he dresses according to how they appear in the latest news. And we expect no less from him.

    Strings attached
    An all-round artiste, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland
    credits guitarists like Jimmy Page and Angus Young
    for inspiring his love affair with guitars. And now his home, fitted with a studio, has over 30 of his favourite guitars and all of them from the iconic brand, Gibson Les Pauls. He, in turn, influenced several smaller bands through his music label, Ironworks Records, in collaboration with producer Jude Cole. His passion was acknowledged when Gibson manufacturers
    designed a special instrument called the Gibson
    KS336 Kiefer Sutherland Signature Guitar in
    honour of him a few years ago.

    The doll house
    Demi Moore not only collects antiques, but this quirky celebrity is also a huge fan of dolls of all kinds. Apparently the actor has so many, she needed to make a separate house for them and is said to have insured them for about two million pounds. At last count (courtesy her former husband, Ashton Kutcher), she has a whopping 3,000 dolls in her
    collection. Apart from art and contemporary
    dolls, she houses Barbies and GI Joes, too.

    Metal head
    Angelina Jolie may have various hobbiesa�� like saving the world, having children and getting tattoosa��but her butterfly knife collection is more noteworthy! She has been collecting knives since she was 12, and bought her first one at a renaissance fair. On a Conan Oa��Brien show, she once gave the classic Balisong a whirl and showed off some tricks with the fluid movements of an expert. Shea��s clearly trying to rope in son Maddoxa��she gave him a knife for his seventh birthday. The slightly eccentric actor is also a collector of first edition books.



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