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Mount Carmel College plays host to over 50 institutions for their annual cultural festival, Cul-Ah

Whispers echo along the corridors at Mount Carmel College as students talk eagerly about the upcoming cultural fest, Cul-Ah. As the societylead5big day draws closer, the whispers become louder and more frantic. Catch phrases like a�?Nikhil Chinapaa�� and a�?lazer taga�� do the rounds as Carmelites get ready for their most glamorous annual event, which even got a head start with a pre Cul-Ah fundraiser party at Pebbles.
Now the buzz leading up to the big weekend is almost palpable.

This year holds spectacular promise starting with the theme a�� Cassiopeia, a celebration of cinema and music from all over the world. Expect themed events and dazzling decor.

societylead4The Student Union has co-ordinated over 80 events, combining fun with serious issues like MTV Indiaa��s Rock The Vote campaign, which aims at getting young voters involved in the upcoming elections. Six MTV VJs, including Nikhil Chinapa, are going to keep the crowd going all through Day 1 (January 30).

Look out for Personality Cosplay, where contestants will dress up and play a different role. Of course, classics like JAM (Just A Minute), the fashion show and the Battle of the Bands will be happening, plus crowd pleasers like beat-boxing and crew battles to woo the new generation of American, hip-hop and street culture vultures. The Big Fat Media Show promises to challenge grey matter in The Creative Tweet competition.

The outdoor lazer tag event is the first Bangalore has ever seen, requiring participants to deal with an interesting mix of dirt, sunlight society15and the spirit to survive! And while the sun sets, bands such as Megnalis, The Acoustic Project, Live Banned and Alegro Fudge will keep the spirit of the fest going and the crowds reenergized. So herea��s looking forward to three days of laughter, challenges and entertainment. For those whose glory days have gone by and who no longer have a student card, Indulge will keep you posted with a special update next week as well.

a��Vishaka Kumar and Shikha Sreenivas