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Tatva, the new fine dining vegetarian place, takes you back to the Raj era with its ambience and eclectic cuisine mix

We may have left the Raj era long back, but ever so often, the blast from the past seems to come back and manifest itself in the form of dA�cor in homes, cafes and restaurants. Tatva, the new fine dining place at Jubilee Hills, is bringing back the same colonial look with gusto. The restaurant is liberal in the use of English flags, models of vintage cars and even in crockery that has been imported from England. The food, on the hand, is a mix of Mediterranean, Indian and Indo-Chinese. The menu is completely vegetarian. Says Arihant Agarwal, one of the owners, a�?We dona��t even use eggs or honey.a�? Ghee, however, is an exception..

Interesting interiors
A wall and a glass door split the restaurant into the fine dining and the cafe sections. As one enters, the cafe area with its faux leather seating arrangement and a wooden chest painted with the flag of England is catchy. Why the English decor? a�?When we tried to think of a unique decor, interior design firm Xerxes Pithawalla from Mumbai suggested this as Hyderabad did not have this kind of an ambience. We also felt the novelty will work well and decided to freeze on it,a�? Arihant says. The owners saw the previous work of the design firm and gave them the go-ahead. wThe opposite wall has charcoal prints of vintage cars. You even get to see the tiny models of these automobiles on the tables. The fine dining area has two private dining rooms (PDR) complete with metallic floral wall decoration in subdued tones and a foldable wall with the print of a huge painting. Both the rooms can be joined. The tables, when clubbed, take the shape of a keyhole.

Cuisine and crockery
Tatva has ordered special plates of 12-and-half inches from an English manufacturer called Churchill. The cutlery and glassware too are imported from Spain and Turkey.

Variety on offer
Instead of a bar, they have a mocktail counter and the highlight is Tony Special. Ita��s a double non-alcoholic drink served in a Columbian Glass. The way it is served is quirky. Both the drinks are brought in two conjoined test tube-like glasses and you get to empty both into your mouth at the same time for best results. They also have concocted a coffee called Coffella as it is made of Nutella. The main course has a good variety to choose from – like Burnt Garlic Fried Rice, Pesto Paneer Shashlik, Mixed Lettuce Salad and gluten free rotis. They serve shashlik and lettuce salad in the smoke of cloves and oregano.

Cleanliness quotient
The washrooms are separate both for men and women and is spacious adorned with frames of charcoal prints. Price for two: `1,400++ taxes. For lunch therea��s buffet and for dinner therea��s a la carte. Time: 7 am to 12 am. Details: 9985278880
a�� Saima Afreen


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