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    Beauty meets science in products that play with hues and let you have loads of fun.

    Make-up needs no rhyme, reason or season. So ita��s no wonder that the brands, both big and small, churn out new products at a dizzying pace. What caught our attention recently, however, was how much fun they were having with colours, and the quirky ways they were packaging them. So from spray-on nail polishes to peel-off lip colours, we look at some of the ways you can brighten up your time in front of the mirror.

    In a jiffyA�Spray on nails
    Painting your nails wona��t be a chore anymore. Not when the colours come in a can. Launched by London-based Nails Inc, Paint Can is like graffiti for your hands. Spray it on, let it dry and just wash off the mess. Available in seven shades currently, these are a godsend, especially when you are short on time. Rs 1,000 approx. Details: nailsinc.com

    Shaken not stirredA�Lancome Juicy Shaker
    The namea��s Shaker, Juicy Shaker.A� LancA?mea��s new lip balm is actually a lip oil, and comes in a bottle shaped like a cocktail mixer. With both oil and pigments in it, you need to shake it before you use it.A� Now we just need a martini to sip on after we have prettied up our pouts. Rs 1,800 approx. Details: lancome.in

    Lash effectA�YSL mascaras 1
    Purple and blue mascaras are nothing new, but the colour palette has suddenly exploded. With #RainbowLashes popping up everywhere, YSL Beauty (by Yves Saint Laurent) has jumped on the bandwagon with its new Vinyl Couture collection. Boasting nine fun, super-pigmented coloursa��including pop pink and a glittery golda��these will help you grab the spotlight wherever you go. Rs 2,700 approx onwards. Details: yslbeautyus.com

    Perfect poutA�Berrisom peel off lip tint
    If you havena��t been living under a rock, then youa��ve seen videos on how to use this peel-off product from South Korea. Promising tints that will last over 12 hours (it has even passed the kiss test), these a�?tattooa�� tubes from Berrisom are fun and handy. Just be careful when you apply ita��pulling off the Jokera��s grin is not for everyone. Rs 1,200 approx. Details: amazon.com

    Reflect on thisA�BitterLaceBeauty - Rainbow highlighter
    We are not sure if wea��d like to have the colours of the vibgyor on our cheeks, but going by the number of YouTube videos out therea��of people trying it on (and loving it)a��this rainbow highlighter has plenty of fans. Created by Bitter Lace Beauty, the Prism is now open for pre-order. But we warn you, there is a nine-month wait as they make only limited numbers at a time. Rs 1,575 approx. Details: bitterlacebeauty.patternbyetsy.com

    By the bloomA�Kailijumei lipstick
    This one nearly broke the internet. Created by Chinese beauty brand, Kailijumei, the clear lipsticka��with names like Barbie Doll Powder and Dream Purplea��is infused with gold specks and has a tiny dried flower at its centre. And thata��s not all. Besides giving a glossy tint to your lips, it also changes colour depending on your body temperature. Howa��s that for fun and fanciful? Rs 2,200 approx. Details: kailijumei.tictail.com

    Mind your moodA�MAC Tendertalk 1
    Doffing its hat to the 90s and its mood rings, MACA� has launched its Tendertalk Lip Balm.A� Calling itself a a�?lip conditioner that creates a personalised tint based on your chemistrya��, the lippies come in iridescent metal packaging. Not only are they trending on social media, but they are also making us look in the mirror constantly to note the slightest change in colour.
    Rs 1,500 approx. Details: maccosmetics.com


    Text: Surya Praphulla Kumar



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