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With pictures that recall childhood, this colouring book could help you de-stress

Kanika Guptaa��s website states that she is a a�?dreamer, illustrator and wannabe art therapista�?. While she has established herself as an illustratora��with clients like Aditya Birla Group and Drools signing her design house, Iktaara, for their graphic worka��she is now venturing into art therapy, with a colouring book for adults. a�?Ia��ve always wanted to make my art not just pretty, but something that can make a difference in someonea��s life. Colouring books are a great idea, as they are therapeutica��colouring relaxes you and is a stress-buster,a�? says the 32-year-old.1

Titled Lessons from Mother Nature, the book features drawings that recall childhood favouritesa��from peacocks to snowmen. a�?I wanted to make it playful. Wea��ve all coloured as children and I wanted people to reconnect with that inner child,a�? says Gupta. The book also has affirmations printed on each pagea��crisp quotes that she believes will help even more. a�?I love nature and Ia��ve taken inspiration from it to create the affirmations. I also took the help of Mukta Rastogi, a Mumbai-based therapist, to make them effective,a�? she says.

With the books available for order on her site, she is already planning the next edition. a�?Besides nature, the second book will include adult themes, too. I am also planning to create a colouring book based on my doodles,a�? says Gupta. Another idea: jigsaw puzzles for adults. a�?If you get hooked to it, trust me, you will log out of everything at the end of the day to complete it,a�? she laughs.
`540 plus tax. Ships worldwide. Details: iktaara.com
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