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    With live demonstrations, 10 artists show you what makes their style so unique

    Artworld a�� Saralaa��s Art Centre turned 50 this year and as part of their ongoing celebrations, theya��ve been organising several exhibitions and events. The latest is a live five-day show, Art Aloft, with 10 well-known artists from Kolkataa��where the public can watch them paint and interact with them. a�?We are bringing down a nice mix, like Parag Adhikari, Tapas Ghosal and Chanchal Mukherjee. With artists working on oil, acrylic, reverse painting, landscape, figurative and abstract, people will be able to observe a whole range of work, see how the paintings develop and ask questions,a�? explains Bishwajit Banerjee, the gallerya��s director.

    For the artists themselves, this is an opportunity to bridge the gap between their craft and their audience. a�?We wona��t be entertainers at the event. This will be an opportunity for art lovers not only to observe us at work, but also to initiate a critical dialogue with us. We would love to help them understand contemporary trends and the reality of the art scene,a�? says painter Amitabh Sengupta, who will be working on his ongoing series of inscriptions. a�?I use early scripts, like Brahmi and Sanskrit, as an abstract form and then create harmony and space,a�? he adds.

    The gallery hopes to exhibit some of the artistsa�� past works at the venue, too. And, according to painters like Munindra Rajbongshi, the experience could well lead to the creation of a new series of paintings. a�?In my work, I represent human expressions. So this interaction could help inspire me,a�? he smiles.
    August 4-8, at Aloft Hotels (OMR), from 11 am to 6 pm. Details: 45925500

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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