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French-Italian artist, illustrator and bookmaker Sophie Benini Pietromarchi is in India this week, at the invitation of the French Embassy. Participating in Jumpstart, an annual festival for childrena��s content creators, she is also conducting an interactive workshop for children at Hippocampus entitled You and Your Favourite Colour.
Many hues
Benini Pietromarchia��s Indian journey began when her guide to bookmaking for children, The Book Book was published by the Chennai-based Tara Books in 2008. More recently, they released her The Colour Book, a practical guide and a whimsical ode to colour. a�?The workshop is inspired by The Colour Book,a�? says Benini Pietromarchi, adding, a�?the children will create their own book about their favourite colour. At first, it will be black and white, but slowly they will fill it with many shades. I hope it will help them appreciate the various moods of the colour they choose.a�?
Indian impressions
Despite the success of her books in India, this is Benini Pietromarchia��s first visit to the country. Her illustrations use collage art, and many of the collagesa�� elements have sourced from India, including bindis, stickers and Tamil newspapers. a�?For me, it is a dream come true,a�? says Benini Pietromarchi. a�?Ia��ve imagined India a lot, and now that I am here, I feel as if Ia��m walking through an illustration.a�? While she is not here to directly work on any forthcoming projects, the artist has high hopes for Indiaa��s creative energy. a�?Ia��m sure that being here will inspire more work,a�? she confides, hinting, a�?Although ideas for books do have a habit of coming when you least expect them!a�?
At Hippocampus,
Koramangala. August 30,
11 am. Registration required.
Details: 25630206

a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy


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