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    Finance author andA� entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki heads to town

    Writer of the top personal finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki makes it his mission to helpA� people adapt to the concept of changing investments. Inspired by R Buckminster Fuller, Kiyosaki now travels the world with his wife to educate people about their finance basics. He makes a stop in the city for the National Achievers Congress and to set your budget on the right track. The ex-marine tells us more.

    Getting into personal finance.
    First, I recall my mother in tears at the table because she was worried about paying the bills. Ia��ll never forget how that made me feel. The next trigger a�� as an educator and an advocate for financial educationa��cameA� becauseA� while I was a student , I could never get an answer to my question a�?Why arena��t we taught anything about money in school?a�?.
    More on the dads in your book. A�A� A�The poor dad I refer to in the book is my father, a highly educated man who knew little about money. The rich dad, is my friend Mikea��s father, a man who had little formal education but became one of the richest men in Hawaii. It is the story of growing up with two strong, but opposing, points of view a�� about money and investing.

    Money or happiness.
    Both! A rich life is always about more than money. But I believe that you can have both. For me, a part of happiness is freedom to do what I want, wherever I want, and with whom I want. Money makes this freedom possible. And while it many not be the most important thing in the world, you cana��t argue with the fact that money affects almost every thing that is important in life: healthcare, education, relationships, andA� quality of life.

    Your blueprint for success.
    F.O.C.U.S a�� Follow One Course Until Successful. Never underestimate the power of focus.

    Tips for starting out into stability.
    Commit to buying a silver coin each month, learn a new word (related to money and investing) every day, take a course in personal development, start a part-time business to learnA�A� A�to sell, handle rejection and build a business, and be more generous with your time and talents, and teach others what you learn.
    September 20 and 21, at White Orchid Convention Center, Nagavara. Tickets (`22,500 upwards) on

    Quick six
    A�A�A�A� 1.Your favourite finance film: Wall Street
    A�A�A�A� 2.An entrepreneur you look up to: Steve Jobs
    A�A�A�A� 3.Favourite author and book: Donald Trumpa��s Art of the Deal
    A�A�A�A� 4.Your greatest fears: That the school system will never change and the next generations will not get the financial education theya��ll need to navigate a fast-paced, Information Age world. Parents need to step-up, and step-in, to solve this!
    A�A�A�A� 5.Your favourite technological device: My iPhone
    A�A�A�A� 6.Top holiday destination: Hawaii

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