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    Pick up the skill of sketching and painting with artist Silvia Sanchez Ortega .

    IF capturing natural beauty on paper is a passion, ita��s time to pack your brushes and pencils and head to The Brew Room, where Spanish artist and teacher Silvia Sanchez Ortega is holding her first workshop in India. a�?Silvia is a dear friend and we wanted to kick-start our initiative with her workshop,a�? says Aditi Maithreya, creative director of The Phoenix Company, which launched The Arts of the World initiative, which aims to bring down artists from across the world to share their knowledge and skill. Ortega, who visited India more than a decade back, will also be holding her first exhibitiona��with more than 20 pieces at The Crowne Plaza (August 26) and Studio Palazzo (August 27).
    Currently a faculty of Escuela de Arte Rudy Mercado, an art school in Spain, she aims to hold a four-day sketching and painting workshop, where the sessions will depend on the level of the students. Expect instruction on line drawings and tonal value drawings. The 49-year-old, who studied fine arts at the University of Valencia, says, a�?Painting is not just an activity but also a medium to relieve stress and pressure. The fact is that the hand and mind are closely related. To do manual work, or in this case, drawing and painting, can relax (our minds) and focus our attention.a�?
    Ortega, who works mostly with water colours, inks and oil on paper, says everything from nature to movies inspire her. Having participated in two exhibitions in three months, the artist says she wants to take her time to plan her next set.

    August 22-25. Rs 4,140 (materials cost not included). At The Brew Room, Besant Nagar. Details: 24917557

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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