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    Director Jayendra Panchapakesan on his concert movie, One, and why he chose T M Krishna

    THE HILLS are alive with the sound of music. Director Jayendra Panchapakesan has captured this emotion in his movie, One, which features Carnatic singer T M Krishna singing renditions in forests, by lakes and hills. Instead of the mundane sabha performances, this concert film will have 10 songs by Krishna in different languages like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. a�?All the songs are relevant either to nature, location, time of the day or the ambiance,a�? says Panchapakesan, who is well-known for Margazhi Raagam, a film music concert made in 2008 with T M Krishna and Bombay Jayashri.

    According to the ace ad filmmaker and director, One creates an ambiance that will help the listener lose himself. a�?I wanted to push the boundaries and create a film where nothing comes between the art and artiste, music and listener. When you are listening to a song in a concert hall, you do not become one with music. You are still a bystander. This film will help you become one with music, thus, the name,a�? explains the 56-year-old, adding, a�?The raaga, song or tune does not matter.

    What matters is the music and you.a�? But can anything match the actual live concert? a�?We have attended a lot of concerts where someone is talking on the phone and there is so much distraction. This is a completely different music experience,a�? he justifies. As for the locations where the film was shot, they have choosen the Nilgiris for its scenic beauty and quiet surrounding. a�?It took us a while to zero in on the location. The sound of the river and birds chirping was all recorded live using seven mikes,a�? says the music lover and director of the 2011 drama film, 180. Ask him about the actor of the film, T M Krishna and Pancha-pakesan laughs and says, a�?It takes a lot for musicians to come out in the open and expose themselves. Here, he is not accompanied by any musicians but is by himself.a�?Scheduled to release by the end of November

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