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    PLaY Studio offers high adrenaline activities to give you and your social life an energy boost

    Filled with climbing frames and walls, cages, nets and basketball hoops, PLaY Studio offers an ideal indoor environment for expending your excess energy. An urban offshoot of the larger and open-air PLaY Arena on Sarjapur Road, Sharath Reddy, managing
    director of both enterprises says that this was created to let the city dwellers a�?have some outdoor fun, at a stonea��s throw from town centrea��. a�?Over just 6,000 sq ft, wea��ve tried to replicate the whole concept of PLaY, which is a large space that offers a real rugged experience. PLaY Studio is a unique urban insertion of the new age play groundwith the warm familiarity of a home cafe,a�? he tells us. And with the thought of a game of beach volley ball, padel tennis and bouldering, wea��re happy to troop off and experience it first hand.

    Game on
    Aside from the buzz of people having a fantastic time, laughing as someone plops off the climbing wall or intently walking a slack line, PLaY Studio isA� every bit a beach cafe. The atmosphere of friendly competition and enthusiasm is interrupted by the smell of hand-rolled pizzas, freshly baked breads and sinful desserts, perfect between round boosters, courtesy Courtyard Cafe, which makes up the centre of PLaY.

    MB9We dived head-first into the Cageball ring for some traditional footy, but in confined space. Following the same rules as football, this one is simply more intense due to the enclosed environment. Fun, especially since offsides dona��t exist, the game needs three field players and a goalie. Girls, make sure you join in, as the rules are not as confusing as they seem. While youa��re still high on energy, we suggest you dash off for some Slam Ball or, as Reddy explains, a�?Basketball on steroids! It follows the rules of basketball in an enclosure and a slam dunk is always only a few steps away. Scoring is easy!a�?

    Slacking off
    Post that heavy-duty playing, re-focus your energies on the Slack Line and feel like a tight-rope walker at a circus. Slacklining, the sport of walking thin, flat nylon rope between two points, has fast gained popularity in the city and while professional gymnasts use it to train, we just had a gala time trying to be Nadia Comneci. While we failed miserably at it, we are confident that someday, wea��ll make the national team. After all, we are a�?slackersa��!

    Pumped for some more action, we headed over to the beach volleyball court that also doubles up as a beach football court. Yes, therea��s now a beach in town a�� soft sand and all! Pretending to be the famous Brazilian football and volleyball team, we set out trying to kick the ball over the net for the foot volley and then smack the ball with our hands. Both wonderful workouts with lovely social elements of team play and teasing, it does take a while to recover from the heart-pounding fun.

    Match point
    The highlight, however, was the combination of tennis, racquet ball and volleyball in their Padel tennis court a�� apparently the first of MB14its kind in the country. a�?This game is very popular in South America, especially Argentina,a�? explains Reddy, as he goes on to tell us that the main difference between this and the original, individual sports are that the court has walls and the ball can be played off them in a similar way as in the game of squash. Easy to play and ideal for all ages and proficiencies, it is not only good for a workout but is also rewarding as it is not at all technical.

    Ascending order
    Climbers be sure to mosey over for a session on their bouldering wall a�� a horizontal traverse climbing wall that doesna��t require ropes or harnesses. While it can be done without any equipment, most climbers use climbing shoes to help secure footholds and chalk to keep their hands dry.

    For those of you whoa��ve tired out just reading this, fear not as the place also offers low energy activities like snooker/pool, table tennis, foosball and a multitude of board games.

    Free till May 1, Rs. 2,000 per month thereafter. At KH (Double) Road.A� Details: 9886098819

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