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An ensemble cast of stand-up comedians promises to leave you in hysterics.

Itai??i??s an understatement to say that East India Comedy is changing the stand-up comedy scene.

Between their debut in 2012, and starring in their own solo shows across the country, EIC has set something of a benchmark for upcoming Indian comedians.

Rightfully, fans in the city have reason to get into a tizzy.

With over five lakh subscribers and 208 videos on their YouTube channel, the EIC-All Stars are set to headline here with Outrage (live) and EIC Vs Bollywood on Sunday, at the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall.

As we catch up with the crew, Mumbai-based Sahil Shah is the first to pick up the call.

ai???Hey, itai??i??s Sahil. Iai??i??ve been waiting for your call!ai??? he says cheerily, seemingly unaware of people identifying him as one of Indiaai??i??s most well-known comedians.

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Fans of the groupai??i??s satirical series EIC Outrage have been eagerly anticipating the return of the show since its last episode went online a month ago. But Shah makes it clear that everybody will have to wait for the tour.

ai???Outrage deals with current issues that need to be discussed. We have intentionally kept off social media to ensure fresh, new content,ai??? he explains.

With the stage set for their first ever tour with all seven members of the team, their never-before-seen live version of Outrage and the return of EIC Vs Bollywood is a statement in itself.

As chaotic as things may seem, Angad Singh Ranyal is extremely relaxed. ai???Weai??i??ve done shows long enough to know how things work. Everyone has their predefined responsibilities. If things go wrong, thereai??i??s always alcohol post the show,ai??? jokes Ranyal, whose Twitter handle is The Pirated Sardar.

Bollywood ballyhoo

On his way to a preparatory show is Mumbai-based Azeem Banatwala, a former writer from National Geographic and retweeter of his own tweets, who gives us a low down of the show.

Banatwala explains that the tour is an opportunity to be unique. ai???A lot of thought has gone into Outrage, because like a recorded show, there can be no cuts. EIC Vs Bollywood has been an audience -pleaser. A bad year for Bollywood is good for us.ai???

The number of hits EIC Vs Bollywood 2015 has got so far (over 5.8 lakh) is testament to his statement. While the group has plenty to share about demonetisation, the Coldplay concert, and more, they refrain from giving away any jokes.

Quick quips

ai??? One person you could poach from another comic group, and why?

Definitely Rohan Joshi. Love his geekiness. Weai??i??d be geek bhais for life.Ai??(Sahil)

ai??? If you woke up as Donald Trump… Iai??i??d realise Iai??i??m an immigrant and have to ask myself to leave my own house.Ai??(Azeem)

ai??? If you were to make a wager?
I bet that someone will file a case against Chris Martin for insulting the National flag.Ai??(Angad)

December 4, at Sir MuthaAi?? Concert Hall, at 6.30 pm. Tickets from Rs 999 onwards at in.bookmyshow.com

ai??i??Rebecca Vargese


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