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From spoilt brats to small town shenanigans, four funny guys will talk about everything to make you guffaw this week

This weekend, make way for four stand up comics who have never failed to enthrall their audience. Getting together would be Suhas Navaratna, Kjeld Sreshth and Suman Kumar from Bengaluru along with citya��s favourite Avinash Agarwal. We tell you what to expect from each one of them at this Comedy Edition – 01.

Kjeld Sreshth
As unique as his name, this Bengaluru boy has been in the industry for more than two years now. Making his way onto different stages now in the country, Kjeld says his friends inspired and goaded him to perform during open mic events in the Garden City. Now a full time stand up comic, he left his corporate job to take the centre stage. He says, unabashedly about his upcoming performance, a�?I would be talking about how (much) I hate my friends.a�? He further adds, a�?Self depreciation is my style of comedy.a�?

Avinash Agarwal
The 27-year-old comedian began his journey on the stage on March 2012 with his first open mic act in The Comedy Store, Mumbai. a�?It has been an addiction after the first performance. The sheer joy of seeing my audience applaud and laugh out loud on my jokes keeps me going for hours,a�? says Avinash. So what can the crowd expect this time from this local talent? a�?I will be talking about high society people, their spoilt brats and the NRIs. They were an integral part of my growing up in Hyderabad, especially during my school years. And it’s because of them I still have an identity crisis. So talking to them directly is my way of dealing with the issue.a�?

Suhas Navaratna
This Bengalurean and a techie is a newbie to the world of stand up comedy. He has shot to fame just like his friend and fellow comedian Kjeld Sreshth. a�?I used to watch performances of stand up comedians on YouTube and the fact that one man with a mic has the power was the driving force behind me becoming a comedian today,a�? says Suhas. Speaking about his forthcoming performance in the city, he says, a�?I will be talking about my relationships, my parents, my small observations of day-to-day life.a�?

Suman Kumar
Stay-at-home-dad, film writer, author and also a stand up comedian, this Bengaluru-based artiste set foot in the industry on May 2015. Drawing inspiration from Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, and George Carlin, Suman has always credited his performances to his eventful life. He has always managed to amuse the crowd with his takes on marriage, life and being a stay-at-home-dad. About his upcoming performance in the city he explains, a�?I would be talking about three things. How I rediscovered myself being a stay-at-home-dad; annoying political commentary from young people; and my views on small town life.a�?

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