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    Amit Tandon brings his unique brand of humour to the city with a solo show.

    Whether it’s his quips on the middle class mentality or his jibes at his Punjabi upbringing, Amit Tandon is a standup comic who always draws the laughs. Bringing his ‘Best of Tandon’ special to the city for the first time, the comedian says that the show is a compilation of five years’ worth of material, and adds, “My comedy is clean and very non-political, and the show primarily talks about my family and my experiences of growing up in an Indian household.”

    Taking chances
    Tandon started off with standup comedy six years ago, at the age of 35 (when he was heading an HR firm), performing at open mic nights at a pub in South Delhi as an outlet for his creativity and a break from mundane corporate life. “There would be 20-30 people who would be drunk and supportive, and 10 of us would try our jokes on them,” he recalls. Now, having performed across eight countries, and done over a thousand shows, ‘the married guy’ has made his mark. Ask him about the label and he says, “It just stuck because most of my jokes emanate from my experience as a husband and a father.” The Delhi-based observational comic, who singles out Vir Das as an artiste he admires for his variety of material, says that he has an ‘MBA style’ of working when it comes to writing. “Whenever I feel I have not done something new for a while, I announce a new solo and book an auditorium. Once the deadline is fixed, I start panicking and write at a very fast pace,” he elaborates. Having performed in Chennai before, the comic is excited about his special’s debut in the city. “The audience here is very patient and gives you time to settle into your act,” concludes Tandon.

    Rapid fire
    Who would win in a catfight between Hillary Clinton and Mamata Banerjee?
    Mamata Banerjee. A chappal always hits harder than a sandal (believe me, I know).
    • Amit Shah and Donald Trump walk into a bar… And the bartender is shaken and stirred!
    • Two traits that will give away the fact that one is Punjabi?
    If you start reciting the names of all the foreign countries you have been to, within 10 minutes of any discussion, and if you know more than five reasons to eat, in addition to being hungry.

    November 19, at Alliance Francaise, 5 pm and 7.30 pm.

    Tickets from Rs 300. Details: bookmyshow.com

    —Simar Bhasin


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