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    Mom is much more than a rib-tickling sitcom, feels actor Anna Faris


    THE Scary Movie actress, Anna Faris, is currently seen in Comedy Centrala��s Mom as a single mother Christy Plunkett. On the sitcom, she has moved on from her history of alcoholism and drug abuse. She now stays in California along with her two children and mother Bonnie (Allison Janney), whoa��s another drug and alcohol addict.
    Faris tells us about her latest show, which also highlights important social issues such as alcoholism, teen pregnancy, cancer, homeless people, gambling addiction, domestic violence and etc.

    What appealed you about Christy?
    I found this character to be the most complicated, and nuanced that I had ever played before. I loved the idea of comedy that felt daring and important in tackling real issues. And, yes, then therea��s the challenge of performing before a live audience.

    Rapport with Allison Janney…
    She is such an amazing actress. I love our mother-daughter dynamics. I think that every mother and daughter can relate to our passive aggressiveness and shifting roles. Sometimes Christy is Bonniea��s mother and sometimes Bonnie is Christya��s mother.

    Mom deals with delicate subjects. Was that part of the pitch?
    Chuck Lorre (one of the creators of the show) doesna��t tell me anything. It is a brilliant move on his part to not let the actors know where they are going because that is not how life works. And I am surprised by the reaction I get all the time, like I will be in a grocery store and someone will come and tell me some personal journey of their addiction or their breast cancer or an adoption. I love it that I get to touch people’s lives.

    Is comedy more difficult?
    Yes. Especially doing the physical stuff, like falling. You do end up with a sore body and bruises and people may not realise that. So, for me, I think sincerity of the character is key.
    Monday-Friday, 8 pm on Comedy Central
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