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    Head to Café Central for Maggi with mummy’s touch, patty-less burgers and more

    It is not often that you find a restaurant in the city that serves saapad through the day. But the new Cafe Central in T Nagar, does. The interiors are done up in a rustic fashion with muted colours but quirky décor, adding a touch of pop to the place. The owner, Swati Chauhan, originally a Delhiite who has made Chennai her home, promises, “You can expect good, wholesome food — home-style grub, in a restaurant ambience.”

    Sneaky surprises
    As we settle into comfortable chairs, she recommends starting off with some Kothu Fries (French fries, kothu parotta-style) and some Healthy & Mazedar (a cold press juice of apple, pomegranate, orange, mint and cucumber). The tasty cold press takes us by surprise — it is not often that you can order a cold press juice off a menu. The Kothu Fries are mildly spicy, curry-leaf garnished bites, adding the right touch of local to the global French Fries. Yet another starter that is highly recommended is the Beer Vengayam  — a crunchy explosion of flavour.

    Meals all day
    The exhaustive menu also boasts an all-day breakfast and a saapad section, in addition to a decadent dessert corner. For a light breakfasty snack, try the 4 Egg White Omlette, served with toast and hash browns — a delightfully fluffy creation. The saapad, which is not limited to a 3 pm deadline, is served all day, and features everything from creamy Mac N Cheese, to Ghar Ka Khaana (dal makhani, ghee rice, aloo jeera and laccha).  A favourite among the younger crowd is the Mummy Ke Magical Maggi, which is served in some interesting flavours.

    Hole in one
    While the burgers have filling instead of patties, which aren’t too impressive, the Stuffed Sandwich more than makes up. The sandwich has a hole in the centre, and is filled with saucy chicken and greens — messy to eat, but delicious. Meal for two: Rs 600 approximately.Details: 33011652

    — Nandita Ravi


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