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BeautifulYears is striving to improve the lives of elderly peopleA�in India

Therea��s a new startup on the block, and it intends to bring about a change of sorts. No, it has nothing to do with food delivery, or online shopping. Instead, ita��s trying to improve the situation of senior care in India. The digital platform called BeautifulYears offers three broader categories of services. First, as its founder Vladimir Ruppo describes, a�?they are trying to create online communities of people taking care of ageing parents with conditions such as Alzheimera��s, Parkinsona��s, diabetes, stroke, and morea�?. The website puts them in touch with a panel of medical experts, and even people whoa��ve found themselves in caretaking situations before.

But Ruppoa��s first entrepreneurial venture, based out of Bengaluru, is more than just a social platform. They also offer 400-plus services (physiotherapists, nurses, home diagnostics providers, and medical equipment suppliers) across the country. These services have been verified, as well as reviewed by other customers. They have also listed out 76 living facilities (or, simply put, retirement communities in Bengaluru and outside).

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This platform is both an online and physical shop for life-improving senior care products a�� nail cutters with a magnifying lens, book holders, easy grippers, talking clocks, exercise balls, tablet cutters and crushers, patient hoists, glow in the dark tapes, diabetic socks and glucometers etc. A lot of options are available under the category of wheelchairs, including an all-terrain powered wheelchair (Rs.A�1,84,080).
They have a catalogue of more than 400 local and imported products, which have been assembled after a lot of thought. Their office and store in Koramangala testifies this.

They gave us a demonstration of the a�?stairlifta�� (Rs. 2 lakh). It is a mechanical chair for lifting people up and down the stairs. Then there is a walking stick, fixed with torchlight at the handle and a pivot joint at the bottom, which prevents it from sliding. They have been getting enquiries about hearing aids, bathroom and personal hygiene care products as well.

Ruppoa��s team is constantly trying to curate innovative medical equipment from around the world and testing them before adding to their catalogue. For instance, they are testing an augmented reality glass from Israel, which has been developed for Parkinsona��s patients and allows them to steady their walking. They are also interested in home automation products such as panic buttons, and trackers.

Ruppo, who is originally from Russia, and has been living in Bengaluru for the last 15 years, tells us how he hit upon the idea. a�?It was a year ago that we started thinking what we could do to make the lives of elderly people better. There are many innovative healthcare products available, but people arena��t aware about it. So our aim is to educate people about such products, and create communities of elders and their families, and caregiver providers.”
Details: beautifulyears.com
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