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    Music, drama and laughter collide for a weekend of theatrical funA�

    his weekend, two plays are set to hit city stages a�� Young Frankenstein and The Scent of A Man. While the former is a parody of a classic tale, borrowed from Mel Brooksa�� work for Broadway, the latter is a comical take on modern relationships, from Mumbai-based production house, AGP World.

    Musical interlude
    A parody of the 1931 film, Frankenstein, and the horror movie genre in general, Young Frankenstein is staged by CAUSE Foundation. When mad scientist Victor von Frankenstein dies, his New York-based grandson heads to Pennsylvania to help settle issues relating to his grandfathera��s estate. After arriving at the castle, he unwittingly gets embroiled in a controversy, with hilarious results. a�?I like plays that have a happy ending and are thoroughly entertaining. We deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Sometimes ita��s nice to just have a laugh,a�? explains director Leila Alvares, whose annual musicals, such as Ghost, Fiddler On The Roof, and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, have been a highlight of the citya��s theatre calendar for close to two decades now.

    Starring local artistes such as Shyju Varkey, Nitya Samuel and Rahael Thomas, the musical direction is done by Vivek Menzel a�� a well known city-based musician. a�?The music is quite old, but ita��s classic. There are some nice dance routines, set to songs such as Puttin on The Ritz and Life, Life, which have been choreographed by Alisha D’Souza, Lionel DeNazareth, and Akshay Tiwari a�� all of whom I work with every year,a�? says Alvares, who divides her time between Coorg and Bengaluru.
    Tomorrow, 5 pm and Sunday, 11 am and 5 pm. At Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram. Tickets (`300) upwards on

    Behind closed doors
    Ashvin Gidwani Production Worlda��s The Scent of a Man, is a blend of funny, poignant and real moments, and director Gidwani reveals that it is based on true events. a�?It was actually something I witnessed, about eight to nine years back when I was visiting friends in America,a�? he says, adding, a�?Ita��s about two couples who come together for dinner. As dinner progresses, certain revelations are made that have explosive results.a�? Apart from giving audiences a look into the complex nature of human relationships, the play will also showcase the strength a woman can possess. a�?We dona��t aim to give a social message. Ita��s just a by-product of the story. Our intention is to ensure the audience has a good time,a�? says Gidwani, about the adult comedy from Mumbai.
    Featuring a star cast including names like Ash Chandler, Ashwin Mushran, Bhavna Pani, Suchitra Pillai, Ivan Rogrigues and Kavi Shashtri, the play has already been staged 50 times across Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata, but is coming to the city for the first time. The show will next travel to Singapore and London in early 2017.
    Sunday, 7.30 pm.
    At MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield. Tickets (`300
    upwards) on

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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