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    Generic name for proscar Graphic novels come alive with this new application

    The Raconteur application, launched at the recent Bengaluru Comic Con, promises to take comic book reading to the next level, with graphics, animation and sound effects, but without losing out on the feel of reading a book. The co-founders of Cornea Entertainment, the
    company that has created the app, Manjunath Mysore and Rajath Alva, are typical Bengaluru boys with engineering backgrounds.
    ai???We found that a simple soft copy, which is the only option available in the market now, does not do justice to the experience of reading from a hard copy,ai??? says Alva. Thatai??i??s where Raconteur comes handy. The app transforms the reading experience to a cinematic extravaganza.
    Hereai??i??s how it works… choose your favourite comic from the home screen. Each panel of the comic appears on the screen, and is
    accompanied with sound effects and dynamic animation, which makes the story come alive. A tiger is accompanied with roars, a war sequence with sounds from the
    battlefield, and so on. It can be navigated with a simple swipe. ai???Each panel takes time to design and re-create. Sometimes, we end up having to redo the whole panel,ai??? explains Alva.
    Alva and Mysore have an in-house team of about 30 people working out of an office in Sadashivnagar. The team includes artists, music directors and animation specialists. The app features comics from the Magical Animal series, the Ganesha series and the Little Alien series (Campfire Graphic Novels), Shiva ai??i?? The Legend Of The Immortal series (Vimanika Comics) and X-O Manowa, Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot (Valiant Entertainment). While most of the comics are free, some are priced between `65 to `190. ai???The market in India demands a lot more American content, but the pricing starts from $3.99 (`280 approximately). We wanted to give it to them at a cheaper price,ai??? says Mysore. Currently, the app stocks about 42 titles, but they hope to expand it to 300 soon. The duo plans to bring in more content and release the Android version soon. ai???We want to be a platform for Indian artists to display their work without worrying about things like publishing costs,ai??? Alva says, summing up plans for the road ahead.
    Available for iOS only.
    Details: racontuerapp.com

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