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    Matt Davis directs his India tour to the city, for a pitstop of laughs

    American standup comedian, Matt Davis, is currently touring India as a part of his A World in Jest tour. After charming audiences in Bengaluru, he is all set to do the same in the city, at US 101. Smart, funny and with an emphasis on universal appeal, he says, a�?There are a few shifts and changes in the material that I have prepared for my show in Chennai, but not on an overall basis. It is really about making the material universal but, at the same time, adapting it according to the place where I am performing.a�?
    Davis, who turned comic at the age of 17, has performed in over 150 cities across the world. a�?I was always interested in comedy. Then a friend told me to just do it and stop talking about it. So I did it. The rest is history,a�? says the 36-year-old, who has headlined at well-known comedy venues like The Punchline in Atlanta and The Funny Bone in Pittsburgh. Hea��s also worked with comedy greats like Dave Atell and Kevin Pollack.
    Dark humour, effective timing and an ability to keep his audience engaged right till the end are the prized possessions in Davisa�� arsenal. Also known to mock conventional thinking, he can surprise you with his punch lines. On the fourth month of his tour, he has already travelled to nine countries. a�?I am hoping to have a few more shows in India before I head off to South Africa in November,a�? he concludes.

    Sunday, at US 101, at 8 pm.
    Details: 42070555



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