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    Two of the countrya��s best comedians take the stage this weekend

    Whether you got yelled at by your boss at work or had an amazing day, a few good laughs is a great way to wind down. Today, A Night of Comedy at The Park brings together Azeem Banatwalla, the master of puns from Mumbai, and Sundeep Rao, the partially-blind standup from Bengaluru. Performing for the second time at The Park, Banatwalla likes the crowd here. a�?All my shows in the South have turned out well. I think the audience is a little more evolved and understands the nuances better,a�? says the engineer-turned-comedian. Promising to start off with jokes about the city as a�?it is the best way to grab the audiencea�?, he says he will cover everything from air travel to religion. a�?I love talking about religion because it is interesting to see how people react to it,a�? smiles Banatwala, who is inspired by international comedians like Eddy Edinburgh. In India, he is a fan of Rao, his co-comic for the evening. a�?I like Sundeepa��s energy and the way he improvises on stage,a�? he says.
    Meanwhile, Raoa��s keeping his fingers crossed. a�?I have been to Chennai many times, but not as a comedian. It will be interesting to see how the crowd will react to my jokes,a�? he says, adding that he is inspired by everythinga��travelling and reading books to conversations with family and friends. Calling himself an honest, subtle and insightful comedian, Rao says the audience can look forward to two distinct performances. a�?It is good that Azeem and I are doing different acts because we have different perspectives,a�? he concludes.
    Today, at The Leather Bar, at 9 pm. Rs 500. Details: 9884493601, insider.in.

    Mayuri J Ravi


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