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    Two of the country’s best comedians take the stage this weekend

    Whether you got yelled at by your boss at work or had an amazing day, a few good laughs is a great way to wind down. Today, A Night of Comedy at The Park brings together Azeem Banatwalla, the master of puns from Mumbai, and Sundeep Rao, the partially-blind standup from Bengaluru. Performing for the second time at The Park, Banatwalla likes the crowd here. “All my shows in the South have turned out well. I think the audience is a little more evolved and understands the nuances better,” says the engineer-turned-comedian. Promising to start off with jokes about the city as “it is the best way to grab the audience”, he says he will cover everything from air travel to religion. “I love talking about religion because it is interesting to see how people react to it,” smiles Banatwala, who is inspired by international comedians like Eddy Edinburgh. In India, he is a fan of Rao, his co-comic for the evening. “I like Sundeep’s energy and the way he improvises on stage,” he says.
    Meanwhile, Rao’s keeping his fingers crossed. “I have been to Chennai many times, but not as a comedian. It will be interesting to see how the crowd will react to my jokes,” he says, adding that he is inspired by everything—travelling and reading books to conversations with family and friends. Calling himself an honest, subtle and insightful comedian, Rao says the audience can look forward to two distinct performances. “It is good that Azeem and I are doing different acts because we have different perspectives,” he concludes.
    Today, at The Leather Bar, at 9 pm. Rs 500. Details: 9884493601, insider.in.

    Mayuri J Ravi


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