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    Heading to Cannes, Sonal Sehgal talks about her Brazilian film and why Indian Muay Thai rocks

    WITH her latest movie being screened at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, a Brazilian movie in her kitty and as the brand ambassador of Indian Muay Thai Federation 2016, Sonal Sehgal has her hands full. Coming back to Bollywood after a four year break, the 34-year-old actress is starring in Mantostaan, the Hindi feature directed by Rahat Kazmi. Based on four short stories by celebrated author Saadat Hasan Manto a�� Khol Do, Thanda Gosht, Aakhri Salute and Assignment a�� the film is at Cannes under the category Le MarchA� du Film. Sehgal plays Kalwant Kaur in a chilling story (Thanda Gosht) about the communal violence post partition in 1947. a�?Last year, Rahat sir called me and said he was planning a feature on Mantoa��s stories, and I have always been a huge fan of Manto, I just completely grabbed the opportunity,a�? begins Sehgal, who was last seen in the rather forgettable Future Toh Bright Hai Ji in 2012.
    Character sketch
    a�?All Mantoa��s women characters are very strong-willed, they are not like props, and you rarely see these characters in Hindi cinema,a�? shares the actress who assisted director Pradeep Sarkar in Parineeta in 2005. She also wrote a short film, a�?Othersa�� (2013), and says it was easy to relate to the subject of Partition. a�?My grandparents, maternal and paternal are from Pakistan, and came here at the time of partition. I have heard so many stories while growing up,a�? explains the former television star. Confident that the sensitive topic will not ignite controversies, she says, a�?One thing that runs across Mantoa��s story is that the people never wanted partition, it was always the politicians. People would love to see his stories, they are very heart warming.a�?
    Cannes and more
    While at Cannes, Sehgal plans to walk the red carpet in exclusive creations by renowned Delhi-based designers, Gaurav Gupta, Gauri Nainika and Siddartha Tytler. The Mumbai-based actress picks CafA� Society by Woody Allen and Mohammad Diaba��s Clash as her a�?must-watcha�� at the festival. Being the brand ambassador for Indian Muay Thai Federation 2016, for the womena��s team, she says that while the sport is being promoted in schools, it still needs to be brought into the limelight. Presently writing a script, the actress will also be seen in a Brazilian film, Flows, by Lucia Barata, where she plays a girl who finds her roots in India.
    Mantostaan will be screened at Cannes Film Festival on May 14.

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