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    After being part of the industry for 35 years, Sivamani turns music director

    SIVAMANI is renowned for making music with just about anythinga��from pots and pans to a myriad range of musical instruments. Having worked with music directors like M S Viswanathan, Ilaiyaraaja and A R Rahman, the percussionist is now ready to compose music himself. While he will make his debut with Arima Nambi, he has already finished work on his second film, Kanidhan. a�?Arima Nambi has five songs, mostly romantic. I could not really put my drums to good use in it. However, in Kanidhan, which has four songs with fast beats, I have utilised my drums. In both movies, the music is situational,a�? says Sivamani, who learned to play the violin before he mastered the drums. a�?My father, S M Anandan, is a percussionist and he taught me to play the violin and then I learned the harmonium. Later, I jumped to drums because I love the instrument. I know all the raagas and I have helped several music directors finish tunes,a�? he adds.

    Before venturing into music direction, Sivamani attended the Kodambakkam Universitya��his name for the Tamil film industry. a�?Whatever I have learned is from this industry. So, before starting off, I met Ilaiyaraaja and the others to take their blessings. I must have worked on more than 100 songs in this industry already,a�? says the composer, who gets nostalgic about his best moment in life. a�?It was A R Rahmana��s first concert and I was performing with him. I met Rishi Kapoor in a restaurant. He came and hugged me and said I should work with RK Productions. He also gave me cash, saying, a�?let that be your advancea��,a�? says Sivamani. The newly-minted music director is also simultaneously working on opening his a�?ashrama�� in Pollachi. a�?It will be a school for the underprivileged and I will teach music there. The school will follow the gurukulam format,a�? he says, adding, a�?I will continue to perform and work with music directors. I am a free bird, who needs no home, just music.a�?

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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