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    This Sunday, watch Darsheel Safary in a new avatar.

    Taare Zameen Para��s kid Darsheel Safary is all grown up. The actor, who turns 19 in March, is eager to shed his on-screen image of being the quintessential a�?child-actora��. In his first acting project on TV for the show Sun Yar Try Maar, his character will be seen wooing a childhood friend. The series features one-sided love stories of youngsters, and Safarya��s episode marks the finale of Season 3.
    Safary was approached for the episodic last month. He tells us, a�?I had heard about the show from my college friends. I decided to watch a couple of episodes, and liked the vibe. Being a teenager, I connected to my character (Abhay). He is 17, and street smart. One moment, he is a sweetheart, and the next a total brat. His friend Chandni returns to Mumbai after a long time, and he falls for her. Hea��ll do any thing funny to make her feel good.a�?
    He counts the show as a�?a step further in his careera�?. a�?I was looking for experimental roles. I am no longer chota sa Ishaan (referring to his character in Taare Zameen Par). This would be my first a�?lovea�� story,a�? says the mass media student of HR College, Mumbai. Hea��s asked his friends to watch the show and give him feedback, and also plans to ask his guru Aamir Khan to review his acting debut on small screen.
    Was there any awkwardness during the romantic scenes with co-star Rhea Sharma, we ask. a�?There are no mushy moments. Just one innocent hug. Sometimes a hug can tell you if therea��s love. So there was zero awkwardness,a�? says Safary, who has become good friends with Sharma, and Ayush Narang (who plays the role of his cousin). The actors hit it off from day one, would play games or go out for lunch together.
    Whata��s his next assignment? He says, a�?I am currently focussing on my college, and extracurricular activities. I have done direction, theatre, and made short films lately. I have a list of things to do, but acting will always remain my first love.a�?
    Whata��s second? a�?Acting is first. Dancing is love. Third? Ia��ll say a�?No commentsa��,a�? Safary signs off.
    January 17, 7 pm on Bindass
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